Commercial Photo Gallery

Building with extensive fire and smoke damage.

Commercial Fire Restoration

Did you know that we restore commercial buildings after a fire?

Fire damage restoration can move quickly with the right team. We have extensive knowledge of commercial damage restoration after fire damage.

Mold Removal in Living Room

Property Management Mold Removal

Mold removal can be hard to spot. Our expert mold remediation technicians find the water intrusion and then can find and remove the mold. We are the experts in mold removal in Cedar City.

Water damage in a commercial office with green air movers

Office Water Damage Problems

This was a very fun office with all the Star Wars figurines. The owner of the office was very worried that the humidity would damage the figurines and office equipment.

We made sure that floors and walls dried quickly using air movers and dehumidifiers.

Water damage left behind staining on the commercial carpet.

Carpet Cleaning is Part of Restoration

Carpets can stain after they have suffered water damage. Part of the restoration process is to have carpets cleaned and disinfected after a broken pipe or flood has caused damage. 

Water spots darkening a ceiling tile in Cedar City, UT

Ceiling Tiles with Water Damage

Water damage on a ceiling tile is a sure sign of an underlying problem. The water damage was just the start of this Cedar City Property's problems. A broken pipe caused flooding on the entire first floor of the building. 

Mold on wall board under baseboards

Baseboard Mold Damage

Mold may not show up right away because it takes at least 24 hours for it to grow. The water in the wall may have dried quickly but under the baseboard, it took longer to dry.

The mold went unnoticed until the smell started to develop in the area. We took care of the mold for this local Cedar City Business.