Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Worker setting up containment and drying material in local commercial building damaged with water.

Many Hands Make Light Work

After a large storm there are many homes that have damage. When there is so much work we rely on our sister franchises to come help. As a franchise system we can ask other SERVPROs to send down crews to our area to help clean up more homes at once. You still only need to call one place and worry about paperwork with one company. That is the power of having a local company with the backing of a national brand.

Laundry room damaged with water damage after flooding

Southern Utah Flooding

Flooding is a problem that we often see in Southern Utah. A heavy rain storm will cause flooding in the streets and homes. The dry desert doesn’t hold water very well but it does cause a lot of mud to enter crawlspaces and basements. We have the necessary equipment to remove mud and clean your home after it floods.

Flood water inside the hallway of a Cedar City home

Flooded Cedar City Hallway

The halls of this home were flooded after heavy rains. Your insurance company calls this water "black water" or "category 3 water." We'll extract the water from the home and begin the disinfection and drying process. Check out our flood page for more information.

Flood water in a commercial kitchen.

Restaurant Damage from Flooding

Floodwater doesn't only affect residential properties. SERVPRO also doesn't only clean up residential properties. When your commercial property is damaged from flooding we will have it cleaned up and back in business right away.

Flood cuts in a home in Cedar City

Flood water damage in Cedar City

When a flood happens in your home it is customary to get rid of any materials that soaked up water. Flood cuts are used to get rid of the drywall that has soaked up bacteria-infested flood water.

Fallen insulation in a Kanab Home

Kanab home sustains Storm Damage

The wind damage in Kanab can cause a lot of problems. There was partial roof damage done to this Kanab home which caused rainwater to run into the home. The ceiling was destroyed but our experienced technicians were able to have the place cleaned up after the storm.